Thomson Reuters eRecruitment Solutions provides specialised industry solutions based on long term key learning’s from the largest user community.

Professional Services

Accounting for a significant proportion of our user community we have an intimate understanding of the needs of the professional services sector. With significant exposure to the Legal, Accounting and Engineering sectors you directly benefit from the key learning’s of your peers technology usage for both one off graduate and seasonal style programs and ongoing full recruitment requirements.


Supporting and managing the longest standing whole of government solution in Australia has taught us a thing or two about this unique sector. Whether its complex business rules and reporting or broad sector recruitment expertise our exposure to all levels of government is sure to add value to your current processes.


Offices in the WA and Qld regions has positioned us to build close relationships with many organisations in this growing industry. Whether it’s specialised roles requiring unique recruitment approaches or bulk recruitment requirements you are guaranteed leading edge advice and support.

Not for Profit

Proudly working with a broad spectrum of NFP entities we are particularly aware of the critical recruitment requirements and processes. As this industry expands we are well positioned to provide industry specific recruitment and technology usage advice.


With the growing pressures from all areas on this critical business sector it can be the smallest change that makes a huge impact. Understanding the optimal processes in managing your talent pool for store level support and top tier management attraction and retention could be the edge you need. Allow us to discuss where we can meet your most pressing needs.


Working with the largest private and public health providers across the country has imbued our team with key process learning’s. So whether it’s a formal selection and reporting requirement or management of your key area talent pools we have developed processes and procedures to best service your organisation.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Borrowing from our professional services learning we now deliver services to many institutions globally. Understanding the business rules and requirements of your peers has enabled the development of many BFI specific processes.

Broad Industry Experience

With our user community touching every business sector you are sure to experience an environment of support and advice to produce industry best practices. Indeed you have quite possibly already dealt with one of our colleagues across the broader Thomson Reuters business.